Tron News Today and Headlines for January 30

  • Tether volume on Tron Blockchain has reached $1 billion
  • Justin Sun’s Tron forecast may be difficult to attain
  • The community showS a mixed reaction to Tron’s recent announcement

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Tron News Today – according to reports, the total volume of Tether (UTSD) released on Tron’s Blockchain has reached the $1 billion mark. Tether’s overall market capitalization has reached $1.5 billion since the decline of 2019. The sum of Tether on Omni is less that of Ethereum in terms of the total circulating supply of stable coins. There’s a huge gap between these two coins and this gap continues to widen.

Tron Chief Made a Forecast that May now be Out of Reach

Meanwhile, according to Tron CEO, Justin Sun, the TRC20-based USDT will become the number one stablecoin. This prediction he made is adventurous. And we all know anything is possible in crypto. However, when you closely consider the rapid growth rate of the USDT-ETH trading pair, you will agree that it will not be easy for Tron to beat its greatest competitor and attain the forecast issued by Tron’s CEO.

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Tether expands its list of its offers regularly. Back on January 23, the crypto company launched the Tether Gold (XAU ₮) trading pair, which is linked to the troy ounce of gold. One important point behind the product is the fact that its owners aren’t under obligation to make payments in the form of storage fees. The trade volume realized on the first day the XAUT pair showed a confident start. It reportedly amounted to the tune of $150,000.

Community Shows Mixed Reactions to Tron’s Recent Announcement

In other reports, the Tron community has expressed unhappiness over Tron and Sun’s Decision to dedicate the coming niTrOn conference to the late basketball player, Kobe Bryant. While the world mourns the death of the basketball legend, Sun and his company quickly dedicated their next niTrOn conference to Bryant who passed on in a helicopter crash with nine others. However, the Tron community has shown mixed reactions. The opinions have been divided. A section of followers have questioned whether the move is a show of grief or a marketing gimmickry.

Kobe Bryant who died in a helicopter crash with his daughter and eight others was a legendary NBA player who spent a successful twenty-year career at LA Lakers. In that period, Kobe Bryant won 5 championship rings among numerous individual awards. Bryant’s accolades have continued to come in after he retired in 2016. He won an Oscar award in 2018 for his role in the production of a short animated movie. His daughter who died along with him was aged 13.

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