Tron Foundation Pledges To Help Wuhan Out of Coronavirus Crisis


To ensure that citizens receive proper support through this ordeal, the Tron Foundation has begun partnering with organizations to provide basic necessities to Wuhan

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The spread of the Coronavirus has created widespread panic among global citizens with many urging international bodies to jump in and help. As the disease spreads across the planet, Tron has come to the forefront to provide essential support.

In a recent release by the Tron Foundation, the company pledged that they would do everything in their power to help the citizens of Wuhan.

Wuhan is considered as the epicenter of the Coronavirus which led to the city being cordoned off by the Chinese government. Even now, the city is under lockdown with the latest reports showing that American citizens trapped in Wuhan were airlifted out. The exact vaccination for the Coronavirus has still not been discovered but several scientists have already reached multiple breakthroughs.

To ensure that citizens receive proper support through this ordeal, the Tron Foundation has begun partnering with organizations to provide basic necessities to Wuhan. These include materials such as goggles, face masks, food, water, medical supplies, and other required paraphernalia. The official release by the Tron Foundation stated:

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This is a global priority for us as this epidemic vividly exemplifies that even as interconnected as we are on the internet, we are just as connected in our physical bodies.”

The Foundation has also revealed that they have received commitments from various members across the globe. This includes countries like Korea, Singapore, North America, and the European Union. Companies like BitTorrent, Poloniex, DLive, and WINk have also pledged their allegiance to the cause with more to follow. The ‘We are with you, Wuhan’ campaign is expected to include more participants in the coming days.

Tron has claimed that they have begun working with logistics companies around the world to assist in distribution and outreach. Although no details have been revealed about the partnership, sources close to the company have added that the processes were in full swing. Even Justin Sun, the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of Tron has begun contributing his share of help to all those affected.

Sun’s latest Twitter post showed him wearing masks and helping to deploy materials across the globe. Cases associated with Coronavirus have been rampant increasing with three more cases being reported in France. This came just a day after the first case was reported in Germany.

The latest reports showed that scientists in Australia have become the first to recreate the coronavirus outside of China. The discovery will be shared with the World Health Organization in a bid to curb the effects of the virus completely.

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