Justin Sun and Tron’s Use of Kobe Bryant’s Death For Self Promotion Drags Mixed Feelings From The Crypto Community


Yesterday, one of the most successful and popular basketball players, Kobe Bryant, met his tragic demise in a helicopter accident.

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While the world is mourning his passing, TRON’s Justin Sun quickly dedicated the next niTROn conference to the legendary player. However, the crypto community is divided in its reactions if this is genuine grief or marketing gimmickry.

TRON Dedicates niTROn Summit To Bryant

Kobe Bryant was a legendary former NBA player who spent his full twenty-year career at the Los Angeles Lakers. During that time, he won five championship rings and numerous individual awards. His accolades continued after retiring in 2016 as he even won an Oscar in 2018 for a short animated movie he wrote and produced.

Sadly, the legendary player passed away yesterday in a helicopter crash while traveling with his 13-year-old daughter and a few other passengers.

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The world mourns today as Bryant left distinctive marks inside and outside of the basketball field. The cryptocurrency community also reacted, and one of the first was TRON’s Founder and CEO, Justin Sun. He expressed his grief by saying that he will “forever remember us on stage, discussing the future of blockchain.”You Might Also Like:

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Furthermore, the TRON Foundation later noted that Bryant “is a member of the TRON family.” Moreover, the next niTROnSummit’s festivities will be dedicated to “his legendary life & legacy.”

Controversial Reactions

The TRON Foundation’s initiative was met with different reactions by the crypto community. Some consider it as the Foundation is honoring the tragic death of the legendary player. However, others are less positive in their reactions, claiming that TRON is using the accident to promote its upcoming Summit.

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